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Quick Start Hockey isn’t just limited to playing hockey in school.  Boys and girls from participating schools can take their hockey journey beyond the school gate by joining one of our out of school Academies hosted at a local pitch…

  • Tuesday evenings Winter & Spring term at 6pm to 7pm – Colliers Wood Rec

  • Thursday evening Winter, Spring & Summer terms at 5pm to 6pm – Raynes Park High School

We aim to help boys and girls develop a long-term love of hockey and we will provide support and guidance to those who would like to join a local club.  We appreciate that clubs can be expensive, and we will try to help committed children with membership fees should they require financial assistance.  If you are interested, please get in touch.

Your child will need shin pads and a gum shield - we can provide use of sticks  

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QSH academy.jpg
Academy aerial.png
Academy aerial 2.png
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